The project started in 2008 when two performers were creating an act for a variety show in the Centro Cultural Laboratorio in Buenos Aires. Its initial creators, Luciano Rosso and Nicolás Poggi put together a duet with small comic touches in order to find ways within movement to show different relationships between two men, using elements of dance and also theatre.

This duet came out of different movement proposals which mixed high impact contemporary partner work with duo sequences. After presenting the piece for the first time, the opportunity came up to perform the piece in many other spaces in the city of Buenos Aires, such as the Ciudad Cultural Konex, Teatro del Perro, Teatro Martinelli and Circo del Aire, amongst others.

In April of that year, they were selected to participate in the “Ciudanza” festival which takes place in urban spaces around the city and with the collaboration of Hermes Gaido, the current director of the company, they recreated the piece. They were also selected to perform at the Rafaela Theatre Festival (2009 and 2010) in Santa Fé and at the El Cruce Festival in the city of Rosario in September 2009. In July 2009, they received funding from PRODANZA in support of the completion of the full-length play.

In April 2010, they debuted a 45 minute long piece in the Espacio Cultural Pata de Ganso in Buenos Aires and received a highly positive reaction from the audience. Then with the full-length version of the play, they were selected by Spain’s Network of Alternative Theatres to tour three cities (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia) as part of the Network’s 1st Latin American Circuit during the month of November in 2010. In 2011 they resumed performances in Buenos Aires with Alfonso Barón, completing three sell-out seasons and continuing to tour various provinces in Argentina during 2012 and 2013.